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Home Business Why is 777 rules important in marriage?

Why is 777 rules important in marriage?

by endroar
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The lifeblood of a long-term relationship is mutual understanding. Try to understand your partner. Express your thoughts to him. Maintain love and mutual respect at all times. There may be some changes in your partner over time. Remember, people are constantly changing. If your partner seems depressed, first ask yourself if any of your behavior has hurt him or not. Again, even if you find the relationship monotonous, be careful not to show resentment in your behavior. If something negative happens, take initiative to bring back the positivity. Don't sit with 'ego'. And whenever you spend time apart with your partner in the 777 rule, do not talk about any unpleasant topic. Avoid any serious discussions about family, children or future during these times.

Source: The Telegraph


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