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Journalist Syed Ashfaq's mother's protest and call

by endroar
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Anwara Mahbub said Ashfaq and Tania physically assaulted their maid; No competent authorities, investigators or the case filed by Preeti Urang's family have mentioned this. He said Ashfaq and Tania used a Chinese-only camera to broadcast live from their home to a mobile phone, as many families and businesses do these days. Since this was a live camera and there was no footage saved on any device or memory card, there was no question of this footage being lost. Apart from this, in August 2023, seven-year-old domestic worker Ferdausi fell from Ashfaq's house and got injured in the statement of 117 people. “I am amazed that these 117 citizens, many of whom are highly respected and skilled in the fields of education, journalism, research, criminal investigation and law,” he said. How can they make such a wrong claim on such a sensitive matter, especially when a police investigation is underway.'


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