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Playing for the country is the real thing for Farzana

by endroar
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Before Farzana, Salma Khatun, the former captain of the national team, won the last women's sportsperson of the year award as a cricketer. Farzana hopes that the next generation will surpass them too, 'I would tell the youth to think about their own process rather than looking at success. Only then will something good happen. They are getting good facilities. Everyone is trying. Salma Apura got this award before me. If I do my job right, my contemporaries and the next generation of athletes will have more success.'

A very busy time ahead for the national team. The series with India at home is this month, this year the T20 World Cup is also on the country's soil. Beyond personal success, his focus is now on achieving team success. Farzana, who considers herself a 'realist', says that although the T20 team of Bangladesh is not very balanced, it is possible to do something good with a coordinated performance.


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