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The aroma of guava is mind-blowing

by endroar
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I tried to see, but I didn't go to the cinema. On that day OTT came to the platform. On that occasion, the movie 'Guava Fragrance' by director Nurul Alam Atiq was watched at home. I have watched his works with great interest since childhood and have probably seen all or most of them. But let's say this, it's not that I understood everything, but it would have been nice if I didn't understand it. His work seemed different. Not that I understood this time either. I searched Google and books to understand the movie. After thinking about it, I thought, let's write something about what I understood. Readers and cinematographers will surely correct my misunderstanding.
Now tell me why I am so interested in this movie. The answer is simple yet difficult. I feel that this movie is completely a Bangladeshi movie, where many stories of this town and natural elements of this landscape are spread. Meaning, the movie is arranged with various elements of ethnographic background, weather, lifestyle of people of that region, occupation, folklore, use of technology, food, faith, devotion, nature, sex-love, fables of a particular region of Bangladesh. So I think it is very important as a Bangladeshi movie. And because the answer is difficult, the story-telling style, visualisation, dialogues, photographic images—all in all, I love the performance of this movie, there is no explanation for this love.


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