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Home Business When the ferry Rajnigandha was sinking, everyone was asleep

When the ferry Rajnigandha was sinking, everyone was asleep

by endroar
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AGM (Marine) of BIWTC's Paturia division is among the officers and employees who have been served show cause notices due to gross irresponsibility and negligence. Ahmad Ali. BIWTC chief employee manager. The show cause letter signed by Fazle Rabbi said, 'The boundary railings at the corners of the ferry and the hull under the deck have been severely damaged due to collisions with other ferries or jostles while mooring on pontoons. The masters did not perform their duties properly in operating the ferry on that route. There was gross irresponsibility and negligence on the part of the officials involved in the operation, inspection and maintenance of the ferry. As the officer-in-charge of the naval department of Paturia region, you cannot escape the responsibility.'
The officer in charge of the naval department of Paturia region was only given a show cause notice, but in the letter signed by Fazle Rabbi, he was made to serve as a temporary greaser due to gross negligence in performing his duties. Mamun Sikder was acquitted. Inland Master Officer Meher Ali, Lashkar Manik Roy, Wheel Sukani have been suspended. Sabuj Mia and Lashkar Md. To Murad AGM (Marine) of Paturia district. Ahmed Ali, Wheel Sukani Md. Arifur Rahman, Lashkar Md. Shah Jahan and Lashkar. A show cause notice has been issued to Monir Ahmed. Several other officials-employees have been brought under various punishments and accountability. Apart from that, the second master of the ferry was suspended immediately after the incident. Anjuman.


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