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Home Business Myanmar situation: What opportunity is Bangladesh missing?

Myanmar situation: What opportunity is Bangladesh missing?

by endroar
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The war in Myanmar has been going on for such a long time, never before in the history of the country. At the beginning of the conflict, when the UN Resident Coordinator said that it was not the right time to send the Rohingya back, the Chinese ambassador commented that the way Beijing is working to calm the situation in Rakhine State will soon open the door for Rohingya repatriation. But Rohingya repatriation is becoming more complicated for various reasons.

While many anticipate the success of the Arakan Army and a possible new reality for Myanmar, it is important to remember that both the Myanmar military government and the Arakan Army are guilty of the Rohingya genocide. To both, the Rohingyas are 'illegal Bengalis'. The Arakan Army controls a large portion of the drugs that enter Bangladesh. Rohingyas involved in drug trafficking were arrested after a few days. However, Rohingyas have nothing to do with the production, marketing and transportation of these drugs. The entire work is done under the umbrella of the Arakan Army and the military junta. But the name became the Rohingyas.


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