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How the pirates of Somalia got the ransom money

by endroar
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The pirates did not get off the ship immediately after receiving the ransom money on Saturday afternoon. It is believed that the bandits got off the ship late at night to avoid surveillance on land and water. A European Union naval warship was in close proximity to the hostage ship when the ransom was paid. Puntland police patrol of Somalia was on the ground again.

Shahriar Jahan, deputy managing director of KSRM Group, the owner of the ship, reported that the ship was freed at 3:30 pm on Saturday. He informed that the ship left the coast of Somalia under the guard of the warship. However, Shahriar Jahan did not say anything about the ransom.

On March 12, MV Abdullah was captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean en route from Maputo port in Mozambique to Al Harmia port in United Arab Emirates. After taking the ship hostage, the pirates took it off the coast of Jefal in Somalia's Gadhavjiran district. After 9 days, the bandits first demanded the ransom. After nearly two weeks of negotiations, the ransom amount was finalized.


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