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Home Business Ahead of the auction in Abhaynagar, tree felling has started

Ahead of the auction in Abhaynagar, tree felling has started

by endroar
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The Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) has written to the Social Forest Garden Center to fix the price of three government raintree trees for sale through auction in Abhaynagar Upazila of Jessore. According to that, the forester of Social Forestry Center gave a report by determining the government price of three trees. Later, UNO did not take any decision in this regard. But the felling of trees has started before the auction.

It has been alleged that Abdur Rauf Molya, a member of Ward No. 10 of Jessore District Council and Joint Secretary of Abhaynagar Upazila Awami League, is cutting the tree.

When asked, Abdur Rauf Molya said that the three trees are not government owned but privately owned. The owner of the land is doing the house. He is having trouble finishing his homework due to a tree. He wants to sell three trees in his boundary and deposit the money in the government treasury. In view of his application, the UNO fixed the value of the trees through the forest department. He has not yet approved the cutting of trees. But he cut a branch of a tree with a worker. He could not understand the matter. It's not right.


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