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Trailer of Anjan’s ‘Chalchitra Now’ released

by endroar
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Anjan Dutt’s movie ‘Chalchitra Nah’ is releasing simultaneously in theaters and OTT on May 10. In that continuation, the trailer was released today. Anjan weaves the story of this film with the story of the friendship of Mrinal-Anjan, the teacher-disciple.
Mrinal Sen’s birthday on May 14. One hundred years ago on this date in 1923, film director, screenwriter and writer Mrinal Sen was born in a village in Faridpur, Bangladesh. After finishing school, he moved to Calcutta. After completing his studies in Physics at Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta, he entered his career. Mrinal Sen’s journey as a film director began in 1955 with the film ‘Raat-Bhor’. In 1981, Mrinal chose Anjan Dutt to play the role of Tarun Dipur, a sensitive, young Dipur in ‘Chalchitra’ in 1981. Anjan Dutt was 26 at that time, and Mrinal was 55. But despite their age, a close friendship developed between them. During the entire time of making the movie, the two friends continued to talk, chat, debate, argue. Various scenes of the movie have been made by bringing out those events from Anjan’s memory.


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