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Son killed, father's suicide: no one is responsible!

by endroar
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Moshiur Rahman, a resident of Agargaon in the capital, did not commit suicide alone. He killed his son Sahdab before committing suicide. Tried to kill the girl too. The girl is alive. He was admitted to hospital in critical condition.

The incident took place in the second floor flat of a building in Mollapara area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTaltala on Sunday evening. Moshiur's wife was studying abroad at the time of the incident. He returned home to find the door locked. He reported the matter to the emergency service '999' without getting any response after many calls.

Assistant Commissioner of Tejgaon Division of DMP. Imran Hossain said, Moshiur Rahman was in financial trouble for quite some time due to loss of business. It is believed that out of desperation Mashiur took the path of suicide after trying to kill the boys and girls by cutting and hanging them.

Before committing suicide, he wrote in his suicide note, 'No one is responsible'. Through this note, he wants to inform that there should be no legal trouble regarding his death. How could he who could write this note with his own hand kill the child? The two children who have been brought up since childhood, the father stabbed them in the chest!


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