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How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple

by Munmun Moni
How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple
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Pimples can occur to both women and men at any time during their lives. They can be found all over your body, and may be difficult to remove.

How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple

They may develop when the pores of your skin get blocked and then clogged by bacteria. This could be due to sweating or the entry of dirt into your pores through scratching. In addition, women and teenagers are prone to pimples occasionally because of hormonal changes happening within their bodies. Although pimples aren’t pretty or bothersome, it’s crucial to recognize the distinction between a normal pimple and a blood-filled one.

What triggers the formation of a pimple containing blood?

True, blood-filled pimples don’t exist in reality. In reality pimples that are bloody occur due to the popping or picking of a normal pimple. The forceful trauma to the area of skin not only releases pus -it’s yellow or white liquid bacteria, as well as blood from the area where the pimple or the skin are affected or is irritated.

How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple

How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple

What do blood-filled pimples are typically treated?

The most effective solution for your pimple with bloody pus is to just leave it alone. Do not cause any harm by picking the pimple or pressing it. Let the pimple grow to the surface in its own time. Try in keeping the place the blood is leaking as clean as you can with gentle cleansing twice per day. This can help prevent further breakouts.

If you are still experiencing breakouts that result in blood-filled pimples, it’s possible to be able to get relief from prescription medication. Your physician will assist you determine what is best for you, and could suggest one of these remedies:

Retinoids are creams containing vitamin A or lotions that , when applied to the area affected will help prevent the formation of clogged pores.

The liquid form of antibiotics are also available for prescription. Apply it on your skin for the repair process and to prevent future pimples that are filled with blood.

The oral contraceptives (i.e. birth pills for controlling birth) for women in their early twenties as well as girls have also been shown to be beneficial as treatments.

If you’d like to adopt an all-encompassing approach to treating the pimples with blood You could consider using natural products. However, it’s important to be aware that your skin could get more irritated from these treatments and an allergic reaction is likely. Natural remedies such as Tea tree oils applied to the skin could work similar to benzoyl-peroxide, working as an effective slow drying and cleanser.

Zinc is also an option to treat pimples that are bloody. Zinc creams as well as ointments may be beneficial, especially when used with other acne treatment options.


Make sure to keep the pimple and the area surrounding it free of dirt.

Follow the directions of your doctor on medications and products for cleansing.


Do not pop or scratch at pimples. This can cause the spread of infection and even scarring.

How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple

How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple

Do scars occur?

If you continue to scratch and pop your pimples the bleeding may increase and result in the formation of scabs that can lead to the scarring. If you’re not happy with the scars, your physician or dermatologist will be able to suggest treatments that could include chemical peels. Chemical peels are made using an acid that’s considered safe for the skin. It can remove the top layer of the skin , and reduce the appearance of scars.

If the scarring is more extensive, your physician might suggest laser resurfacing which involves a series of laser treatments. This could improve the appearance of your skin and to reduce the appearance of scarring.

If you don’t have a dermatologist on staff, this Healthline Find Care tool will assist you in connecting to dermatologists in your region.

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How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple

How to Spot and a Treat a Blood Filled Pimple

Does this really represent an actual pimple?

If you notice an area of skin that appears bumpy it’s easy to assume that it’s pimples. Sometimes, an examination can reveal something else. There are times when pimples are also difficult to identify, lying under the skin but not causing pain.

It’s vital to keep in check your pimples. If you are unable to treat the issue by yourself and you’re not sure what to do, consult your physician for assistance. If you spot the appearance of a pimple under your skin that is continuing to increase in size or become harder over time the doctor will have to collect a sample from the skin to determine whether it’s is something more serious.


A pimple may be anywhere from two days to heal up. Pimples may appear at any time there’s an alteration in your hormones, soaps or cleansers or even your the way you live. Pimples that are bloody can be the result of popping or picking pimples. They’re not serious and won’t cause permanent damage to your skin, unless you pick them repeatedly and cause skin scarring.

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