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What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

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What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?
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If you’ve ever surveyed the negative effects of birth control pills you might have seen weight loss as well as weight increase as well as weight gain.

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

However, is there a particular kind of birth control that is ideal for weight loss or to maintain your weight? Take a look at this article for a thorough and deep dive into the subject.


Can birth control result in weight increase?

It’s common knowledge the fact that some people put on weight taking hormonal birth control pills. This is mentioned as a possible side effect of Trusted Source in the birth control pill packaging.

Yet, scientists have yet to discover a clear connection between the two.

In the research that has been conducted on birth control pills the evidence of weight gain was described as not enough Trusted Source and poor quality Trusted Source. (That could be due to the fact that it’s an unavoidable adverse effect that generally disappears after a couple of months of taking the pill.)

However, none of this suggests that weight gain isn’t an unavoidable result of a side effect, but it does mean that there is a need for more research that is of high quality.

In addition, studies on a small scale have also found the evidence for weight loss Trusted Source due to The shots to prevent birth in a few individuals. Further research is required.

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

Birth control methods

There are a variety of main forms of birth control.

Hormonal. This is a synthetic hormone used to stop or delay the ovulation process. It includes pills patches, shots or vaginal rings. You must remember to take this type of medication regularly — daily for the pill, and once every few weeks or months with other forms.

Reversible and long-acting contraception. Implants and intrauterine devices (IUDs) fall into this category. They have to be put in by a doctor and may last for at least 10 years in certain cases. Certain forms of IUDs are hormonal, some — like IUDs made from copper IUD contain no hormones.

Barrier. This method is more straightforward — the forms function as the physically-based barrier to prevent Sperm from getting inside the uterus. But they’re not as efficient. Consider condoms both internal and external, spermicides, diaphragms along with cervical caps.

The Emergency. Emergency contraceptives are only used in cases where you’ve had unprotected sexual encounters and wish to avoid pregnancy. They are usually with pills however, the copper IUD can also be an alternative.

What are the reasons why certain birth control products can lead to weight increase

There are several theories. One theory is that high levels of estrogen in certain hormonal processes may cause people to feel more hungryTrusted Source. When people eat more and consume more food, they will eventually gain weight.

There’s another theory that suggests that the exact estrogen levels could cause water retention, according to Trusted Source. While this could result in more numbers on the scales, you’d never have gained weight.

It could also mean that your body is different from certain areas or your clothes aren’t fitting as well. Certain individuals are more prone to water retention than other and this could explain the distinct differences.

In the end, it’s feasible that contraceptives may just cause an increased amount of body fat, or in muscle tissue.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much research to support or disprove these theories.

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

Best birth control to lose weight

The birth control system has been developed specifically to help with losing weight. However, certain forms are thought to have a lower possibility of causing weight gain.

Barrier methods

Barrier methods, such as diaphragms and condoms work as a physical sperm-blocking device. This means that they don’t have any hormones and they aren’t a way that can impact your weight.

But they don’t work as well as other contraceptives — out of 100 people, 18 to 28 are pregnant each year , if you rely on only an effective barrier method to stop pregnancies.


Also called The copper IUD, ParaGard doesn’t contain hormones, either. Instead, it utilizes copper to block fertilizing sperm from reaching an egg.

It’s more than 100 percent efficient in preventing pregnancy. is able to be used for up to 10 years and even employed as an emergency contraception when required.

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

Pills for combination

Because higher levels of estrogen are thought to be related in weight loss, taking a pill that has a lower amount of estrogen could assist.

They are typically available in a form that is combined that is, they include both estrogen as well as a synthetic form of progesterone.

The brand Yasmin is a brand that uses progesterone as an replacement called Drospirenone which functions as diuretic. This means that you’re not likely to suffer from water retention.

These pills are more than 99 percent efficient using the correct dosage.

Can birth control promote weight loss?

While the loss of weight is mentioned as a possible negative side effect of some hormonal contraceptives, there is no birth control pills have been developed to help promote it.

The only way to think you’ve lost weight is when you’re susceptible to water retention, and you use contraceptives that have diuretic effects.

Tips to avoid weight gain after starting birth control

Engaging in a healthy lifestyle can help you to maintain your weight.

You could, for instance, consume an a healthier, more healthy diet and participate in more physical exercise and reduce the amount of sugary, salty or fatty food items within your diet. Being hydrated is also essential.

If you don’t do this, you’ll feel that having gained some weight. This is usually an unavoidable consequence of water retention.

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

When to visit the doctor or any other health professional

If you’re unhappy with how your contraception affects your appearance or feel, you might want to make an appointment with your doctor or other health expert.

There are many alternatives available and a health expert can guide you through the options.

If you are experiencing an extreme weight gain or loss seek out an expert in healthcare. There might be another issue within your body that requires examination.

Commonly asked questions

What is the reason birth control can result in weight increase?

The science of medicine hasn’t yet determined the exact reason certain birth control pills could cause weight gain.

It is believed that increased estrogen levels can cause greater water retention, or that certain contraceptives can boost appetite.

Do you think it work? Does the Yasmin Birth Control Pill aid in losing weight?

There is no birth control developed or has been scientifically proved to reduce weight.

However, one of the hormones present in Yasmin, Drospirenone, is diuretic. It could cause lesser or no water retention and give the appearance that you’ve lost weight.

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

What Is The Best Birth Control For Weight Loss?

What weight could you get by using birth control?

There’s not much evidence of weight gain due to birth control.

However, an study from 2016 revealed that, on average people who used a progestin-only pill gained just 4.4 pounds over six or twelve months.

Do you gain weight after stopping using birth control pills?

In the event that you’ve put on weight due to contraceptives, these results are likely to fade within couple of months after quitting.

There’s also a possibility that weight changes not be related to the contraceptive you’re using.

It’s the bottom line

The jury is still debating the issue of whether birth control can cause weight gain or loss. However, many people have reported negative effects from weight gain which suggests it’s possible.

It doesn’t mean you should make use of birth control for weight loss method, since it’s not likely to have any significant impact or even any effect.

Instead, you should try to develop healthy practices. If you are unsure seek out a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

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