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Zeffer will wear a saree on Eid

by endroar
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If this Eid is too much, Zeffer will dress up in two outfits. If you wear a saree during the day, but if you go out with friends at night, you think that you will choose any comfortable clothes like kameez, kurti or tops.

This 'Jhumka' famous singer was much discussed about her hair from the beginning of her career. Nowadays you hear a lot of compliments for beautiful hair. He got used to the new hair. So don't want to experiment too much with your hairstyle. He was saying, 'It is better to leave the hair these days. Hair spray or gel, none of these are used much. I will not do anything with the hair even in the Eid dress. Shampoo, blow-dry and try to keep it as it is.'

Jeffer likes to dress himself. Especially beige-makeup does not let anyone catch. These days, however, not doing much else with makeup. What is called 'minimal makeup look', dress like that on Eid. He tried to avoid the shadow in the eye makeup. Light kajal and eyeliner are enough. But this singer is very weak towards lipstick. He said, 'I use different colors and shades of lipstick. I use lipliner and lipgloss. Apart from this, a bold lip of dark color is very good. Basically, I try to match the lipstick with the clothes.'

This Eid must be a little special for Zefar Rahman. Because his first film is coming on Eid, directed by Mustafa Saryar Farooqui. Let's see if you can adapt to the new hair as well as the 'actor' identity!


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