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Home Business Yunus did not get the UNESCO award, he cheated: Education Minister

Yunus did not get the UNESCO award, he cheated: Education Minister

by endroar
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The Education Minister also said that an explanation will be sent to the UNESCO headquarters on behalf of the Bangladesh UNESCO Commission. That is Dr. Yunus's propaganda about the UNESCO award is unethical and fraudulent. It is defamatory to the country. Dr. They will also be informed that Yunus has been convicted for violating labor laws. They will be notified of the misrepresentation that a convicted person is spreading in the name of UNESCO. Yunus Center is also requested to refrain from such propaganda, otherwise legal action will be taken.

At this stage, a journalist asked, will UNESCO be informed about the matter only, or will recommendations also be made? In response, the Education Minister said, there will definitely be recommendations; He is convicted for violation of Labor Act, case under Income Tax Act is also pending. Rewarding a convicted person is a violation of the rule of law.

In response to a question about what action will be taken against Yunus Center or whether they have been informed or not, the Education Minister said that there is nothing to inform those who commit crimes. Action is being taken against them; Journalists will be informed soon.


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