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Home Business Your drawer isn't creating an e-waste crisis

Your drawer isn't creating an e-waste crisis

by endroar
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Scott Butler, executive director of Material Focus, says, 'We all have a special drawer in our homes. There are all these wires and electrical things that we don't know what they are for. I may have left a DVD remote I bought for DVDs. But the DVD disappeared from our house a long time ago.'

There are over 88 million unused devices lying around in UK homes. Such waste should never be mixed with general waste. The amount of electronics we throw away is worth over £1 billion. Various components of old machinery have scope for future use in various green technology products. Old laptops, electric toothbrushes and shavers contain steel, aluminum, copper, lithium batteries, which can be great sources of lithium. Various precious metals including gold are stored in these devices.


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