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Home Business You have to sit in the shade of trees in this restaurant in Turkey

You have to sit in the shade of trees in this restaurant in Turkey

by endroar
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Many people go to the bathroom to freshen up before sitting at the table. Those who did not go, they roam around in the shade of trees. I turn around a little and see a cat crawling under my chair. The guide warns us, there are no rules about feeding cats. The restaurant people will serve their food at the scheduled time.

We all sit on either side of the designated table. After sitting down, we were first served hot dal soup and Turkish bread. Then rice is served and we are given our choice of earthen pot beef jhal curry or minced meatball curry. Since there were four of us, we shared two curries each. The main course consisted of rice and bread cooked in the Turkish style. Finally for dessert was the famous Turkish Baklava. The food was plentiful and tasty too. But bottled water had to be bought for 15 lira. Really enjoyed the food in the open air. During the meal we exchanged introductions with everyone. There was a one hour lunch break.

At one point the guide gave us a light chase to get into the car. Within five minutes, everyone took their seats in the bus. Once the bus started moving towards our next destination.


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