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You can do these 5 voluntary work in student life

by endroar
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This initiative is also well known in the colleges and universities of our country. But if there is no such program in your campus, you can start it yourself.

There are children who are completely deprived of the right to education, the rate of children who drop out at the primary level in Bangladesh is also high. Many children are involved in work at a very young age due to financial hardship. You too can take the responsibility of teaching such a child.

Atikuzzaman, a student of Haji Mohammad Danesh University of Science and Technology (Habiprobi) in Dinajpur, is doing exactly this work. He was saying, 'The name of our school is HSTU Fun School. We teach children through cartoons, animations or playing different fun games in the open field. The students of this school are poor and underprivileged children around Habiprabi. Basically on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays we go to the parents, explain to them and collect the students.

Atiq was also talking about the joy of being involved in such work, 'Since 2019, I have witnessed many smiling faces since being associated with this school. Being able to play a role in improving the quality of life of underprivileged children is a great achievement for me. A student can acquire the human qualities required to work selflessly from such an organization. So I think all students should be involved in such activities.'


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