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Home Business Women police deter attackers in Australia, PM praises

Women police deter attackers in Australia, PM praises

by endroar
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New South Wales Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cook said: 'A man was walking at Bondi Junction in Westfield… he was surrounded by about nine people. It is clear that the man attacked them with the knife he was carrying. Police immediately attended the spot. A police inspector was nearby. He appeared quickly. As he approached the assailant, the assailant raised the knife. At that time the police officer shot at him. He died in this.'

A shopper at the shopping mall, who did not want to be named, told ABC News Australia that if the police officer had not fired, the attacker would have continued his rampage, stabbing everyone.

State Police Chief Karen Webb praised the officer's bravery, saying he had 'extraordinary courage'. He did a very good job in that situation.

Police did not reveal the identity and motive of the attacker. However, the police have confirmed that the attacker is 40 years old. he is known


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