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Home Business Will the situation in Gaza worsen because of Iran?

Will the situation in Gaza worsen because of Iran?

by endroar
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But Israel's success came with considerable warnings from Iran and support from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Jordan and other Arab states. Allies that Israel has humiliated in the past few months, on which its security depends to a large extent, are revealed in this incident. The US administration does not want a major war and is concerned about Netanyahu's handling of the war.

Arab leaders are also more concerned about Israel's warfighting capabilities than Iran's in the short term. They know that if Israel launches a major attack on Iranian armed forces, military bases or nuclear facilities, Tehran and its allies will be forced to throw out all restraints.

It would be a mistake to write off an Iranian attack altogether, even if it was militarily ineffective. This is the first time since 1991 that Israel has come under direct attack from another country. Iran will also learn from this. Iran has shown that it can respond directly, not indirectly through alternative forces. The country gave mixed messages after the attack. Iran's foreign minister called for a pause.


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