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Will Mustafiz's fate change in Dhoni's Chennai?

by endroar

Ajinkya Rahane or Andre Russell? Suppose, you are going to make an eleven in T20 cricket, who will you take on the basis of batting performance?

You may think the questioner is crazy. It is no question! Where Russell is the 'brand ambassador' of T20 cricket, Rahane is not the 'component' of this edition!

Rahane's tuktuk batting goes with T20 or not! The answer is not to be completely dismissed. Because, until last year, Rahane's batting was hardly T20.

However, seeing the 2023 IPL is bound to change the thinking about Rahane. Do you know how many strikes Rahane batted in the T20 for tuktuk batting in the last IPL? 172.49. Calcutta Russell how much? 145.51.

You can say that Rahane did not become Russell's substitute in the performance of one season. But this is the fact that Rahane broke himself and compared with Russell in terms of strikerates, that's what!


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