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Will Kejriwal's arrest strengthen the anti-Modi alliance?

by endroar

After Kejriwal was arrested by the country's Economic Crimes Agency on corruption charges, the court last Friday asked him to be remanded.

It is said that the Modi government may have done this to divert attention from the controversy that has arisen over electoral bonds. The Supreme Court of India recently ordered disclosure of electoral bond-related information. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has benefited the most from this bond. (Note, the Modi government is the originator of this bond. This system allows to buy bonds from the Central Bank of India and donate them to political parties anonymously).

Kejriwal was produced in a Delhi court on Friday afternoon.

“We are thinking about our next course of action,” Kejriwal's lawyer Shadan Farasat told AFP news agency after his arrest.

Meanwhile, dozens of Aam Aadmi Party workers were arrested in the capital. A few weeks before the national elections, there were protests in various parts of India against this arrest. AAP leaders said that they will continue the agitation. Among them, a protest rally is scheduled to take place outside Narendra Modi's residence.

AAP leader and Delhi Finance Minister Atishi Singh said in a statement, 'Kejriwal was arrested to keep him away from the national election campaign. This is the way to steal votes.'


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