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Home Business Will Israel accept the UN ceasefire proposal?

Will Israel accept the UN ceasefire proposal?

by endroar
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Five months after the start of indiscriminate killings in Gaza, the UN Security Council finally passed a ceasefire resolution in Occupied Palestine. After the start of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7, there have been several ceasefire proposals. The United States vetoed the proposal three times.

Perhaps, Washington abstained from the vote, or vetoed it, due to strong international backlash against Israel's brutality, internal criticism caused by the US's steely support for Israel in an election year, etc.

The ambassador told the United Nations that they do not agree with all aspects of the proposal. In his speech, the moral ambiguity of the US government regarding the killing of nearly 32,000 private Palestinian citizens came to light. They may now be thinking that this position is better than standing as a shield in every case of mass murder.

However, in view of the suffering of the people of Gaza and the escalation of this suffering, the Security Council's decision is nothing to celebrate.


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