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Home Business Why was the attack carried out in the Jewish-dominated area of ​​Sydney?

Why was the attack carried out in the Jewish-dominated area of ​​Sydney?

by endroar
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The attacker is from the state of Queensland, which borders Sydney's state of New South Wales. Name Jol Kaochi (40). Joel was a 'backpacker' traveller. That is, he has no fixed address. He lived in a car. A month ago Jol started roaming in Sydney. He is unemployed and single. He last spoke to his mother last March.

According to the police, Jol had been suffering from mental problems since the age of 17. An hour before the attack, he had lunch of chicken curry and rice near the scene. He has no criminal record against him with the state police. The police are not sure whether Jol practiced any religion regularly.

There are Bangladeshi businesses and Bangladeshi workers in Bondi area. Suman Ahmed, an expatriate Bangladeshi resident of Sydney's Rockdale, works as a chef at Lobster Tail Sea Food Restaurant inside the shopping mall. While describing the time of the attack, he said, 'At the time of the incident, I was taking a break and walking outside the restaurant. Suddenly I saw a lot of people running. A few scared people were shouting, don't go there, they are killing everyone, bhago bhago. Later I also ran out. Ten minutes later, the police came.'


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