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Why was Eid on 28 Ramadan in Arabia?

by endroar
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I don't remember the exact year, it must have been mid eighties. But I remember the date—June 6, Friday. dawn Before the Fajr prayer, there was a sudden sound of bells. I jumped up from sleep, my chest was tight with fear. I don't know which tiger-bear has gone out of the cage! Let's say a little, I was the curator of birds and apes at the Al-Ain Zoo in the United Arab Emirates.

As soon as the door was opened, an animal attendant of the zoo said, 'Sir, Eid-ul-Fitr Mabruk.'

I was shocked to hear, 'What does that mean?'

He said, 'Yesterday, the police came in the middle of the night and told the doorman that today will be Eid. We are all going to the Eid musalla (open space outside the mosque) in Zaker area to offer Eid prayers, we have come to pick you up.'

Meanwhile, my wife Naju is standing next to me. He was shocked to hear everything. He said, 'How is that possible! Today is 29 Ramadan; It means we have completed 28 fasts in total!'

Seeing our restless state, the animal attendant said, 'If you want to pray Eid, let's go now. They will take us in a minibus to the zoo and drop us off after the prayer.'

Nazu and I said in unison, 'No'. We will not be able to pray in that short time. Our two sons and one daughter were still sleeping. There is also no private car that we can use. Even the main road outside the zoo limits, no taxis ply there. We were then 10-12 km away from Al-Ain city in the United Arab Emirates, inside the zoo. The area is almost uninhabited. There were usually no taxis.

Therefore, it was not possible for us to hold the Eid prayer congregation that year, which was the 28th day of fasting. After that incident, we used to prepare for Eid from the 28th day of fasting.


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