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Home Business Why walk barefoot on the green grass?

Why walk barefoot on the green grass?

by endroar
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5. sleep well

Walking barefoot on grass regularly, especially in the morning, improves sleep quality. It reduces stress and anxiety. As a result, if you have sleep problems, you can develop the habit of walking on the grass regularly.

6. Increases immunity

Walking barefoot on grass boosts the body's immune system manifold. Stimulation of the nerves in the legs increases the body's blood circulation, which increases the body's immune system. Increased blood flow ensures more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

7. Anti-oxidant benefits

Earth's surface is rich in negatively charged electrons, also known as natural anti-oxidants. As a result, if you walk barefoot on grass or touch the ground, the body can directly absorb the negative electron charge from the ground. As it destroys free radicals like hydroxyl charge in the body, every cell in the body is saved from damage due to this.

Source: Times of India


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