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Home Business Why the 'Nishi' campaign of Chhatra League in Buet?

Why the 'Nishi' campaign of Chhatra League in Buet?

by endroar
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Student politics, which is supposed to be for the welfare of students, took the life of a student inside the hall. This policy cannot be desirable in any way. If student politics is banned in BUET then no one can be blamed for it. Only Chhatra League is responsible. Not only Abrar Fahad was killed due to the non-politicism of BCL, but also the lives of 25 potential youths of BCL were ruined.

20 Chhatra League leaders and activists have been sentenced to death and 5 have been sentenced to life imprisonment for Abra's murder. Their parents sent their children to become engineers or architects. But today they are accused of murder.

A student politics which makes 25 brilliant students accused of murder, cannot be desired by anyone. After the murder of Abrar, I wrote in the first light: Student politics that make corpses and murderers. A politics that creates corpses and murderers cannot survive. A license to kill cannot be given in the name of systematic politics or fundamental rights.

Not only BUET, but an ordinary student named Abubakar was killed during the Awami League period on February 2, 2010 in Dhaka University's F Rahman Hall in an internal conflict of the Chhatra League. He was the son of a day laborer. In this incident, police of Shahbag police station issued a charge sheet against eight people including Saiduzzaman Farooq, the then president of F Rahman hall branch Chhatra League. But in the judgment of the case, on May 7, 2017, each of the 10 former leaders and workers of the Chhatra League was acquitted. After that verdict, I wrote in Prothom Alo, 'No one killed Abu Bakr.'

In 2010, Chhatra League activist Farooq was killed by Shibir activists in Rajshahi University's SM Hall. His body was lying inside the manhole. Similarly, the body of another Chhatra League worker named Lipu was found in the drain next to the dining room of Latif Hall. None were prosecuted. Although the police filed a charge sheet in Faruk's murder, the investigation into Lipu's murder is not over. It is a sample of the government's anti-camp politics.


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