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Home Business Why should VAT be placed on Metrorail?

Why should VAT be placed on Metrorail?

by endroar
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Those who are weakening banks (read: hollowing out) by borrowing from banks and not repaying those loans, are being rewarded and linked to good banks. One lakh crore rupees are disappearing from the stock market in 48 days. Thousands of ordinary investors benefited from it. Where is that money going?

Capacity charges are being waived to a few companies, having installed power plants for years. Despite having a production capacity of 25,500 MW, Chaitra is generating a maximum of 15,500 MW this summer. Due to shortage of electricity, load shedding is going on in villages and villages.

In emptying the pockets of the common man, the syndicates of potatoes, potatoes, onions, green chillies, eggs and chickens do not fall short. Every syndicate is making a profit by increasing the price of each product two days in a row. When most of the people are fighting for their lives due to the loss of real income due to two consecutive years of inflation, NBR is targeting this population easily to increase the revenue income.

To the government, to the NBR, to the business syndicates, the lower middle class to the middle middle class—the limited income group is like the duck that lays the golden eggs of the farmer. If the stomach is cut and all the eggs are not taken out at once, they are no longer viable.

Why is revenue income lower than GDP in Bangladesh? Does anyone really need to be an economist to know the answer to this question? Here those who are using the power to build mountains of wealth in various ways do not pay taxes. NBR has no capacity to collect tax from them. But every year there is pressure to increase budget and increase government expenditure. So NBR imposes VAT or indirect tax or income tax burden on low income earners. Can you say, under what consideration those whose monthly income is 29 thousand and 100 taka per year (tax-free life limit of three and a half lakh taka), should pay income tax?


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