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Why should I read 'Rabbana Atina Fidduniya'?

by endroar

Events of the time of Rasool (PBUH). A young man was healthy. Suddenly he fell ill. His health collapsed due to illness. Seeing him, it seemed that he would die at any time.

On hearing the news, the Prophet (PBUH) came to see him. Rasul was also surprised to see him. Asked to know, you are not supposed to be like this. How did this happen? Have you made a special prayer to God?

The young man said, you are right, 'I prayed to God, O God! May I get all the punishments I deserve in the hereafter. May I not suffer in the hereafter.'

Rasul (pbuh) said, 'What kind of prayer did you make? It is not right for you to do this prayer. Because no person can afford to suffer the punishment of the Hereafter in this world. Why don't you pray easily?'

Saying this, the Prophet (PBUH) taught him the prayer, 'Rabbana Atina Fidduniya Hasanataon, Wafil Akhirati Hasanaon, Wakina Azabannar.' (Surah Baqarah, verse: 201) Meaning: 'And many of them say, O our Lord! Give us good in this life and good in the hereafter and save us from the torment of the fire.'


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