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Home Business Why is there no public space in our development plan?

Why is there no public space in our development plan?

by endroar
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A classic book by a Danish architect named Ian Gale is called 'Life Between Buildings'. There he explains the need for connection between life and architecture. Shows how coexistence initiates communication. How urban relations are constructed through spatial communication possibilities, opportunities for pre-identification, socio-environmental information, sources of inspiration, stimulating experiences, activity attractions (such as sports and various activity habits), activity and conservation rights, pedestrian attraction, etc.

Ian Gale points out five reasons why infrastructure impacts communication opportunities or barriers. While watching and listening – 1. Wall, 2. Greater distance, 3. High speed, 4. Multi-storey and 5. Contraindications—These create barriers to communication.

Specializing in public spaces, where people can easily gather and where socio-cultural-political and recreational events take place. Where human-to-human communication, chat or sports facilities exist.

But everywhere in Bangladesh, public areas have been surrounded by grills, chats and any gatherings have been banned. Payra Chatwar in Rangpur, Sangsad Bhaban in Dhaka or photo booth.


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