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Home Business Why is the British royal family getting smaller and smaller?

Why is the British royal family getting smaller and smaller?

by endroar
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But his 70-year reign did not allow other family members to reach adulthood. They were trapped in a vague structure. But reforms were needed long ago. Charles was a visionary man, with many innovative schemes for philanthropy and many ideas for modernizing the empire.

But while waiting, those thoughts become 'curd', they are no longer effective. The troubled man was allowed to marry the one he loved at the age of 56. Even with the highest medical facilities, he has very little time. He says in any situation, 'My forehead.' But this statement has never seemed so true before.

William, too, in his early thirties, did not accept the benefice as Dutch of Cornwall. Gave the younger brother a chance to develop. Eventually the relationship between the two brothers deteriorated. Harry has dropped one bomb after another since Meghan Markle entered the scene. The Sussexes' feud could have been resolved in a more creative way if the Palace had been a little less narrow-minded.

The main attraction of people around the crown is the practice of anxiety between the venerable institution and the people trapped inside this institution. But the attention of news and social media is inexcusable. Now do they have to show and live, love? This claim is not unfair claim?

Catherine's battle is more intense than her battle with cancer. A responsibility is placed on their shoulders for which they are not ready. Added to this is Catherine's illness. Right now, Prince William and Princess Catherine will bear the burden of the entire empire.

The article appeared in The New York Times


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