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Home Business Why is Buet's model of student politics exemplary in other campuses?

Why is Buet's model of student politics exemplary in other campuses?

by endroar
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The question is, why is it necessary to do student politics? What is the need for student politics in universities? If the political-related people are asked about this issue, then their first argument will be like this, if there is no student politics, the future leaders of the country will not be produced. To create patriotism or leadership, students have to do politics.

The second argument would be that if there is no student politics, there will be a greater risk of corruption among those who run the universities. So that they cannot commit any crime, student politics is necessary in educational institutions.'

If you look for the answer to the first argument, you will see whether the people who are doing student politics in the country are still in the role of running the country or not. To what extent student politics is creating leadership qualities among themselves, or to what extent they are being evaluated, the answer can be found in the news published in Prothom Alo on January 23 this year.

According to the news, citizens (Sujan) are demanding for good governance that 200 of the 299 members of Parliament elected in this year's parliamentary elections are from business. As a percentage, 66.89 percent of parliament members are businessmen. 185 people or 61.66 percent of the total parliamentarians were businessmen in the 11th National Parliament.
That is, the National Parliament, which is occupied by two-thirds of the traders, is our ruler, law maker. Out of 298 seats, only 26 were politicians. Most of the parliamentarians come from outside politics and are taking the reins of running the country, except for a few who have done politics. Not only national elections, but local elections also have a similar picture.


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