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Home Business Why is Brazil looking for beef market in Bangladesh?

Why is Brazil looking for beef market in Bangladesh?

by endroar
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The United States is the world's leading producer of beef. Next is Brazil. Then there are China, European Union and India. And in terms of consumption, the United States is at the top. Then China. The next three countries are Brazil, European Union and India.
Then let's have a look at the export and import data. Brazil is at the top in terms of exports. Australia came second. The next three countries are India, USA and Argentina. And China imports the most beef. It is followed by the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union. This information is from the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA.

It is worth noting that although the United States is a big buyer of beef, they do not buy meat from Brazil. They buy meat from Australia and South Korea. China buys more meat than Brazil.

Beef production in Brazil has increased dramatically in recent years. The farms benefit from the vast grasslands of the country. There is no shortage of grass in the fields of Tepantar.

However, there are allegations that farms are being set up there by clearing forests. Recently, environmentalists in the United States, the European Union and even Brazil have agreed on this. A strong campaign is going on to ensure that foreign buyers do not buy meat from farms established by deforesting. Various supermarket authorities in Europe are also unable to unite with the demands of environmentalists.

A Brazilian environmental group has alleged that cattle are raised on illegal farms and then sold on legal farms before being sent to slaughterhouses. This creates an opportunity to hide information about where the animal is actually coming from.


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