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Why I resigned from the US State Department

by endroar
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To be honest, I was a little sad to find out. In the beginning I did not think of resigning publicly. Because my work in the Foreign Office was short-term. I was hired on a two-year contract.

I did not think that the public announcement of resignation would cause such a stir. But, when I started telling my colleagues about my plans to resign, they told me, 'Please speak for us.'

Many from within the government have also advocated policy change over the past few months. When he failed, he spoke publicly. My colleagues and I watched the hellish carnage unfold before our eyes, while our own government aided Israel day after day with thousands of missiles, bombs, small arms and other lethal weapons.

They have even bypassed the Congress in this work. The United States is legally prohibited from assisting the military of a state that commits serious human rights violations or obstructs the delivery of humanitarian aid. But the United States thumbed that law. I feel appalled at this role of administration.


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