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Why go back to 1971?

by endroar


Every year after dark on March 25, if you listen to the air, you will hear various sounds of Kalratri. That night was shrouded in horror. On the other hand, the lives of countless people are disrupted by the trauma of being lost and paralyzed from moment to moment. But on that night the martyrs wrote the word freedom with their blood. The sighs, cries, roars of anger and vows that were heard throughout the night of March 25, were repeated throughout the seventy-first century. The sound of the roar unnerved the enemy, denting their confidence. The enemy wanted to make history their way. The global power also rolled up its sleeves to help them in that task. But the undercurrent of seventy-one brought about his grave.

In seventy-one I went back to see the source of that undercurrent again. If the undercurrent can be felt, then where it will take us, which is Kalamohana, can also be guessed. However, if those who will be taken to that estuary by the current are sitting at home with their doors closed, looking at different colored screens, drowning in the sands of non-politics, accepting the destiny, wasting energy in fruitless arguments, then for whom will the current flow? In 1971 Bangladesh's geography and history, life and climate were one and indivisible except for some fraction of people and their separate history, climate etc. There was a lack of comfort in people's lives, there was a severe lack of health, nutrition, education. But in one place they were united and that was on the question of freedom. Slender arms, these people without strength became muscular and strong like the people of SM Sultan, what is that chemistry? Going back to 1971, I understand that the chemistry created by leadership, exemplified by Bangabandhu and manifested by his four associates and other people's complicated lives, the relative soundness of politics, the absence of various ideologies from outside, not exceeding the level of selfishness and greed.

There was no golden age before the time, nor was the country a utopia. But it was time to stand up. That's one time. And that time created the undercurrent of the 1970s. The people are not there or large parts of them are not, but the stream is. Sadly, there are no more people to find this stream.

At this time, it appears that everyone is keeping their hand to themselves, no one wants to extend it to others. If he has to pay, he keeps a knife hidden in his hand.


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