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Home Business Why even a long vacation ends so quickly

Why even a long vacation ends so quickly

by endroar
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'I reached the station in a rush to catch the last train/ saw the signal of blue light. Desperately suddenly/ With a great whistle the car left./ The anxious faces of those I was supposed to go to town with/ Looked at me through the window. Waving his hand and comforting him.'

When I think about returning home after vacation, I remember these lines from Al Mahmud's poem 'Shame of Return'. It seems like if the train ran away and never came back! If I could stop the way of walking with nail in the foot! Although the idea is just that, nothing more. Then all is to be forgotten and returned again. That's the way to return, just like the mallar returns to the sky after wrapping the net of clouds.

These are the people who have started coming to Dhaka after their vacation. How much struggle to return, can be imagined! Struggling to get a ticket, then dealing with terrible jams like Halaku Khan on the road and completing a 6 hour journey in 16 hours! Going home to celebrate Eid on holiday can be called a 'miracle'.


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