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Home Business Why eat bharta today?

Why eat bharta today?

by endroar
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Tell me what is Bengali! It can be filled with vegetables, pulses, eggs, fish, prawns and even meat. Vegetable peels are not left out. Many people also eat Kalijira bharta. A variety of leaves can also be used as a filling material. Mouth watering after hearing the name of Raw Mango Bharta! Adding green chillies, dry chillies, Bombay chillies or Naga chillies also enhances the taste of the bharata. Even just chili can make a terrible jhal bharta. Bharta is also a very healthy food. Bharta can be a comfort food on hot summer days. Sholo Anna will also get a taste of the variety of ingredients. The dry filling is also unique in taste. Taki Fish Bharta and Tomato Bharta are also popular. Mawaghat hilsa tail filling is also great!


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