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Why do you have to pay Fitra?

by endroar
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Ingredients and quantity of Fitra

During the era of Rasool (pbuh), the Fitrah was paid with a total of four items. Dates, raisins, barley and cheese. Abu Saeed Khudri (RA) said, “We used to pay Sadaqatul Fitr with one half of food or one half of barley or one half of dates or one half of cheese or one half of raisins.” (Bukhari, Hadith: 1,506)

Instead of food items, one of them is measured by its price.

As the price of wheat is the lowest according to the current market price, the minimum amount of fitrah is declared by the Islamic Foundation every year on the basis of half a 'sa' of wheat as the market price of that time.

It is better to pay Fitrah according to one's ability to measure the food items of higher value. Because the main goal of charity is to meet the needs of the poor and protect their interests. Apart from this, the capacity of the collector should also be taken into account, although the Shari'ah leaves the door open to collecting Fitrah at the lowest price. The Islamic Foundation has set separate prices for Fitra for barley, raisins, dates and cheese. If someone wants to pay Fitrah for the mentioned items instead of paying Fitrah as flour.

It is better to perform Sadaqatul Fitr before going to pray the holy Eid-ul-Fitr. However, it can be performed in the month of Ramadan.


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