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Why do memories last longer?

by endroar
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Researchers have found that daytime events are replayed in the brain more often during sleep, like TV commercials. That's why special memories last longer. Events during which sharp wave-ripples are few, long-term memories are not formed. According to scientist Giorgi Buzsaki, sharp wave-ripples are a physiological process used by the brain to make decisions. In this process the brain decides where to keep and what to discard. The new study builds on our known patterns. Mammals, including humans, first sense what's going on around them for a few moments, then pause. Then engages in some other experience or reality, then pauses again. After we focus on something, we become lazy again. Such temporary breaks occur throughout the day. I am most lazy in 24 hours during sleep. While we sleep, thousands of special memories run through our brains every night. Connections between neuron cells are strengthened around that event. Events that create more excitement, we remember more.

Source: Science Daily


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