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Why are there so many rounds of voting in India?

by endroar
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Why India's Lok Sabha polls are held in so many phases for so many days, the secret of the hypocrisy has not been revealed this time either. Whatever explanation Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar gives, there is no reason to think it reasonable enough in an unbiased view and analysis. From the day the schedule of polls is announced to the day of counting of votes, the central and state governments are almost at a standstill. Without looking at how to reduce this deadlock, the Election Commission continues to increase the number of clauses and they are doing it in a manner that is not only inexplicable but also ridiculous.

This year's voting is going to start from April 19. It will end on June 1. Voting will be done in 7 rounds. Voting will be held in 3 states throughout these 7 phases. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. According to the commission, all three are big states. This arrangement is for the smooth, fair, free and fair voting. If this argument is accepted as irrefutable, the question arises, Maharashtra is also a big state. 48 seats are there. The competition there is fierce. So why there are five rounds of voting? Karnataka and Rajasthan are not less big states. Why are there two rounds of voting? Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand in three stages? More importantly, states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Telingana, Gujarat, Kerala are voting in one day, in one round! This time polling will be held in 22 states and Union Territories in one day. The people of those regions are lucky because they don't have to be fried in this intense heat.


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