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Home Business Why are the rich people of the world making gangs?

Why are the rich people of the world making gangs?

by endroar
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The billionaires are preparing for an unknown future threat. But why? What they fear, which other common people do not know
A US statistic says that not only billionaires, but at least one-third of US citizens admit to this predisposition. Even ordinary US citizens are buying underground bunkers just like flats or plots. However, most of them cannot afford to build bunkers or large structures with modern facilities.
Corona epidemic has strengthened this urge to build bunkers. How a virus brought the entire world to a standstill, taught everyone to rethink. Apart from this, the Russia-Ukraine war, man-made weather disasters, large-scale earthquakes, floods, etc. are also one of the reasons for pre-preparedness. Interestingly, some people think that zombies or aliens can come and take over the world. The specter of Kim Jong-un versus Donald Trump's use of nuclear bombs also scared many.
But money will surely have no value on the day of destruction of the world. Astute security personnel and other trained service personnel will also think of their own lives first. Can they really enjoy such sophisticated architecture?


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