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Home Business Why are newspapers making themselves redundant?

Why are newspapers making themselves redundant?

by endroar
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Newspaper printing does not mean, however, that journalists and news workers work like machines all day. Rather, work is distributed in cycles, so that everyone can enjoy their well-deserved leave at some point. At least that's what it's supposed to be.

The importance of creating a balance between professional demands and personal life cannot be denied and ensuring this is a matter of mutual understanding between magazine authorities and unions. Almost all newspapers in the UK have separate arrangements for keeping the main papers closed on Sundays, with separate teams who work only for the Sunday paper. As a result, the Telegraph, Times or Guardian are not published on Sundays, instead the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times and Sunday Observer are printed. Same goes for tabloids.

Journalists and other staff are paid extra for keeping newspapers running on national holidays. But there is no interruption in the flow of news to the reader.


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