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Home Business Who will Muslims vote for in India this time?

Who will Muslims vote for in India this time?

by endroar
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Congress has historically been the favorite party of Muslims in India. Later CPM would get their votes much in Kerala and West Bengal. There is already a lot of decay in these choices. In this, many Muslim-led parties have also been formed across the country. The list includes Muslim League and Ittehadul Muslimeen in the south, UDF in Assam, National Congress and PDP in Jammu and Kashmir. Although these groups are regional in nature, they are always vocal in the interests of Muslims. But they could not increase the Muslim representation in the Lok Sabha in the voting field.

That's why these parties are called 'one MP, two MP' parties. This time too such parties will get two seats each in Kerala, Assam, Kashmir and Telangana. But with so few MPs it is impossible to have the voice of all Muslims in vast India. On the other hand, national parties like Congress, Trinamool, CPM and Samajwadi Party are getting less Muslim votes due to these parties fielding candidates. Such accusations are mostly against the group known as Ittehad Muslimeen or 'MIM'.

The Congress often alleges that 'MIM' is working for the BJP to reduce the Muslim vote in their symbol. On the other hand, MIM leader Asaduddin Waisi says that the so-called Muslim-friendly parties like the Congress could not give anything to this community, so it is now necessary for Muslims to organize themselves in their own party.


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