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Home Business 'Who will be responsible when everyone goes on vacation?'

'Who will be responsible when everyone goes on vacation?'

by endroar
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Doctors engaged in emergency services like constable Alamgir or security personnel Limon, police, workers engaged in electricity-gas-water sector, news workers, transport workers, cleaners, many people of different professions are performing their duties today even on the day of Eid. They continue to fulfill their responsibilities even though it is difficult to leave parents, brothers and sisters, close relatives, friends, neighbors. They think that they are doing their duty to serve the people. And through this service they are enjoying the joy of Eid.

At around 11 o'clock at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, it was seen that doctors in the emergency department are serving patients with various accidents and other problems. Doctors, nurses and medical staff on duty in various disease wards were seen busy serving patients.


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