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White Polao of Eid

by endroar
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We were all extremely evasive in education! I used to eat iftar slowly. Sir used to come and sit. By the time we got home, it was time for Sir to leave. And if he left angry, he would have explained what Eid is, how many types and what it is! Then the role of mother no longer say!

Everyone has many hidden stories about Eid clothes. There was no way that was going to happen in our house. Because, all our clothes were made of the same cloth. Someone's kameez, someone's frock, someone's shirt. If you go out somewhere, along the line, everything is the same. Aunt-brother-niece-son-daughter are all the same. While taking salami, I even heard that I did not give you once. What's wrong, everyone has the same clothes! I don't remember when this circulation stopped. But I liked it.

Salami was the best. 20, 15, 10, 5 taka – salami was done according to age. Salami had a separate bag. I used to give all my money to my mother. Two days after Eid, all my brothers and sisters would go to Dhanmondi to eat Chinese by saving the salami money. On those days we were allowed to go out without our guardians. On that day everyone is a free bird — joy, ah, the real Eid! But I felt bad for my mother. I felt fear without my mother.


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