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Where to block Eid clothes

by endroar
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After searching many shops, it was found that because of the heat, cotton clothes are coming in more form this time. Sarees, three-pieces and single kurtis are getting blocked more. Mohammad Rashid, craftsman of Mohana Block and Boutiques, said that the more different colors are used in the cloth, the thicker the work, the price will increase accordingly. Block wages are slightly higher for sarees made of comparable fine fabrics such as linen, georgette, khadi silk, chiffon or silk than cotton or half silk sarees, he said. In almost all shops, the price of saree starts from 300 to 800 taka depending on the work and color. Three-piece starts from 350 to 700 rupees, Punjabi 100 to 350 rupees, single kurti from 150 to 500 rupees. And the wages of bedsheets are 500 to 900 taka. The price depends on the color of work, thickness and quality of wood dies. Apart from this, all kinds of cloth blocks including curtains, shirts, fatuas, children's clothes can be bought from here.


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