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Home Business Where the mountains and the sea meet

Where the mountains and the sea meet

by endroar
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A famous quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca about travel occasionally gets thrown around. Many years ago he said that travel and change of place invigorates the mind. Indeed it is. Many people want to run here and there to relieve fatigue. But it is not possible due to busy schedule.
Chittagong city can be the first choice for those who want to enjoy the wonderful beauty of mountains, lakes and beaches during the long holiday of Eid. The road to this old city is hilly. And if you look a little further, you can see the sea. So those who were not able to travel, visit Foy's Lake, DC Park, Patenga Beach, Bhatiari Lake, Chittagong Zoo, Jamburi Park, Independence Park in Chittagong on this holiday. You can also run to the mountains. Green hills are united with Kaptai lake near the city. Where the clouds move throughout the monsoon.


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