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Where journalism in Bangladesh is weak

by endroar
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But there is no follow-up report on who was arrested during these raids, what charges were brought against them, whether the closed restaurants were reopened, what the raiders actually discovered.

It has been said in various media that Rajuk's investigation report has been ignored by everyone except themselves. No initiative was taken to inform the readers-listeners-viewers who were in charge at the time of the negligence of the institutions. It is not possible to hope that it will happen in the future, because at least four previous fire incidents come to mind—Churihatta in Chawkbazar on February 20, 2019, FR Tower in Banani on March 28, 2019, a chemical warehouse in Nimtoli on June 3, 2010 and Hasim Food factory in Narayanganj on July 8. the fire

In these cases, on that day of the year, no other type of report is published except to remember the incident and the dead people and if the investigation report is published at all, what is not in it. There are 12 organizations associated with the management of the restaurant business in Bangladesh, there is no news about who and what they have done.


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