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Home Business Where is the affection of 'Amar Bandhu Rashed' now?

Where is the affection of 'Amar Bandhu Rashed' now?

by endroar
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Afnan, who was studying in eighth grade at that time, acted in the film 'Amar Bandhu Rashed'. Rashed became close to everyone after the release of the movie. After the release of the movie, the unknown Afnan's popularity increased, wherever he went, many people would rush, 'Rashed bhai, I will take a picture'. Acquaintances also called 'Rashed'. An era has passed and now the audience doesn't recognize Rashed that much. Even if known, the number is very small.

Because of not knowing Afnan, he is no longer in acting in that sense. He said that he had no desire to act. Already went to audition from school with phone number. Later he came to know that Zafar Iqbal has been called to play the central role in this liberation war film.


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