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Where are you going, pulse!

by endroar
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Fuad (pseudonym), an engineer in a private company in Dhaka, got an Eid holiday. This time also received on Eid. Go to village house in Rangpur to celebrate Eid with family. Want to know, what are you going to pull? Fuad's answer, parents pull. Pulling brothers and sisters. Pull the house.

'If I get a holiday or not, I feel anxious to go home during Eid. I can't go home on Eid, I cry on Eid. The mind does not sit in any work. The mind lies in that tin rice house. The mind falls in the happy scent of the jorda-pan that comes from the words of the parents. As long as the parents stay, they must go home if they get a holiday on Eid. Let there be a long way, let there be a thousand shocks. However, when you are stuck in the traffic on the way home, you have to go home even for the memories of the relatives, the memories of home,' said Fuad about returning home on Eid. Roots for him means parents, home, face of relatives. Get off the bus and walk down the narrow path to the house. Returning home means that Fuad is returning to these things.

But those who do not have parents? Do they not return home on Eid holidays? Of course return. But what do they return to?

Sadiqur Rahman (pseudonym) working in a private company has no parents. Eight years ago, both died of old age within a few months of each other. The brothers and sisters are also separated. Everyone lives in different places, different houses. Even then, Sadiqur regularly goes home with his family on two Eids a year.

There is no one else at home, so why go through so much trouble to go home? In response, Sadikur said, 'My pulse is in that house. Go to that pulse, you have to go. Parents are lying on the ground, the illusion of that ground is to go. It's not like I walk around a lot when I go home. Instead, I take care of the house. I met the brothers once. After that, I spent almost the whole day in the room opening pages of memories. Look at yourself, look at yourself. It eases the pain a little. There is no one, but when I come home, I find peace and joy. I think I'm fine.'


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