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Home Business Where are those Eids full of magic lost?

Where are those Eids full of magic lost?

by endroar
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In 1993, Eid-ul-Fitr fell on March 26.

Independence Day Eid! Isn't it a little different? On the day when the armed forces parade in the National Parade Square, the day starts with 32 cannons, Eid! Really different. This 'different' thing happened once more in the 1990s. After three years. Eid-ul-Fitr of 1996 was on February 21.

I remember that Eid of 1993 very much. Another strange thing happened that Eid. Rain all day in March – has anyone ever seen it? On a day that started with cloudy skies, it really started to rain and the mind was very depressed. At that age, at that age, rain on Eid day means a big buga to the neighborhood. More fear, if the parents ask to spend the day at home because of the rain! Nah! Even though it was raining, the parents were not so cruel that day.

21st February was the Eid of 1996, but there was one more thing. Cricket World Cup The emotion of February 21, the joy of Eid, the thrill of World Cup cricket—such an eventful day has rarely come later in life.


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